WoT – no whine!

World of Tanks Blog – no whine!

Famous World of Tanks Blogs: For The Record by Silentstalker.

Among the famous of World of Tank Blogs is For The Record by Silentstalker.

It’s got a  conservative layout but it is chock full of great posts, historical information, game mechanics and interviews.

If you only you only got time to read one World of Tanks Blog, you’d probably want to read Wot-no whine instead – because FTR has more great stuff than couple of most other blogs put together and then some. Really great work.

Due to reasons given at the old site here, FTR has transferred to http://ftr.wot-news.com/. There is one minor problem, when you link for example to some of the posts ‘Buff my Tank‘ they may take you back to the old site without notice and this may be confusing, especially if you get there from an outside link.

There seems to be some flak concerning leaked information from Wargaming as I gathered from this post on the EU forum, calling it the blog that must not be named, so follow at your own risk 😉

FTR: Should be AAA with any rating agency!

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